21 mm Marine Plywood ( Birch )

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Plywood is a wood product manufactured out of many sheets of veneer, or plies, pressed together and glued, with their grains going in opposite directions. It tends to be extremely strong, though not very attractive, and is treated in many different ways depending upon its intended application. Because of the way in which plywood is constructed, it also resists cracking, bending, warping, and shrinkage, depending upon its thickness. It is also referred to as an engineered wood, although it is made from a composite of wooden materials, and various forms of it have been made for thousands of years.
Wood Type
1250x2500 mm
21 mm
Production Country
Turkey - Ukraine
Glue Type
WBP - Water Boiled Proof
700 kg/m³
T   +90 216 337 41 04 - +90 216 337 41 05      F   +90 216 337 41 06
A   Fahrettin Kerim Gökay st. No:169 / 5
Goztepe / Kadıkoy / Istanbul
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